Listen: A children’s book about the positive and negative voices in the mind and the voice in the heart.

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The positive and negative voices in our minds battle daily. The non-stop noise gets louder over time. Unfortunately, the most important voice, the one in our hearts, is often forgotten in the cross-fire. The voice in our hearts leads us towards joy and fulfillment, although it may not always make sense to our rational minds. These three voices create a big confusing stew of thoughts and emotions. This book helps children to understand the voices in a simple way. It also encourages them to have the courage to let their hearts lead. ———- About the Author: Tatsuya Fushimi is passionate about self-development and is a seeker of truth. With the mindset of a coach and teacher, he is inspired to simplify his perspectives gained in adulthood through children’s books. His desire is to empower others with more clarity and awareness to help them reach their highest potential. A Southern California native, he enjoys playing golf and engaging in deep conversations about life with everyone he meets. Instagram: @tatsuyafushimi ———- About the Illustrator: Britney (Bri) Vu is an artist and illustrator. Her love for art came from listening to her mom and grandmother read to her every day. She was fascinated with the images that helped tell those stories, appreciating every detail on each page and then running off to draw and paint pictures of her own. As she grew up, curiosity has invited her to explore many passions. Still, her heart always calls her back to make art to create joy, magic and connection with others. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she enjoys hikes by the ocean & snuggling with her three cats – Sid, Shadow and Stanley. Instagram: @britneyvu_

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