Language That We All Can Speak: A Children’s Book About Kindness and Diversity

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Teach Your Kids to be kind, admire diversity and accept differences in a fun, loving, and engaging way.

We all need more kindness and acceptance in our lives today! And the best time to learn it for our children is now, while they are still young. ‘ Language That We All Can Speak’ is a charming, warm story with beautiful verse and cute illustrations created to: 

  • show your children the importance of being kind
  • teach them to be more aware of other people’s feelings 
  • give your kids insights to think about and accept differences in people
  • help them understand and admire beautiful diversity in our world 

Many kids are homeschooled right now without being able to socialize as much as they may need. But they still can learn that kindness and acceptance create beautiful friendships. This sweet and short book is a demonstration of that! It is a perfect gift for any child, school, or library.

We believe in spreading kindness and will donate 10% of all the profits from our Olivka Book series toward kind causes to support children in need, libraries, and schools. So every time you buy a book from us, you also share a little kindness with the world! 

After reading this book, try to engage with your children by discussing questions provided in the ‘parents and educators’ section. It will help them better understand why diversity is beautiful and why it is essential to be kind to others. 

This book includes a Free Coloring Page. To download, please visit

Get Your Copy Today and Help us to Spread More Kindness in the World!

Thank you!

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